Our Pricing
Our base rate for location shooting with a single camera is $125 per hour, which includes standard post-production processing, such as trimming and editing scenes, adding music, titles, captions, and DVD authoring. The base rate for 2-camera filming with two operators is $175 per hour.

Direct  transfer from VHS or movie film to DVD: $30 for the first 30 minutes of content, plus $1 dollar for each additional minute of content. 

If desired, additional editing, music, titles, captions, narration, photo captures, and effects are priced at $35 per hour of actual editing time.

Unusually difficult shooting or editing requirements may require additional charges.

Copyrights and Licensing: unless otherwise noted in writing, any of our video productions which may contain copyrighted music or performances is provided for your personal, in-home use. We cannot be responsible for public performance rights or royalties due to any composer or artist for use of their material.  If your video contains copyrighted material from which you intend to derive a profit, or which you intend to distribute or to post to an online public sharing site, such as YouTube, you must secure written permission from the copyright owner. This statement is not to be construed as legal advice. Consult an entertainment lawyer for all copyright questions and issues.